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We optimize your digital presence. From the online sales of your products or services to an appealing website, the analysis of user behavior or increasing awareness of your brand: We have the right contact person in for (almost) every business goal.


The way you present yourself is how you will be perceived. We ensure that you always look right digitally and implement your professional website reliably and quickly.


Social Media

Social Media has become a crucial media for every company. Clients expect fast replies to their questions and are happy about constant updates. We take care of content production as well as community management with the goal of binding longterm clients.


Even the best product won’t be sold if your target audience doesn’t know it. The constant acquisition of new clients is a big problem for most companies. We provide the solution: Whether it is through Google, Facebook or LinkedIn – we’ll get you talking and sell your product.



Selling physical products on the Internet can be tricky. We create your online shop in accordance with all legal requirements, integrate a merchandise management system if required and analyze user behavior in order to increase sales sustainably.


We have already mentioned it, but the same applies here: How you present yourself is how you will be perceived. Regardless of whether it is product advertising, employee photos or employer branding: high-quality, individual and authentic content beats stock photos. Always. We are happy to take over the production of photos and videos for you.



There is no successful company without good staff. A digitized recruiting process helps you to find your ideal candidate efficiently. We create landing pages for you, including job descriptions, and bring potential applicants to your job advertisements through online advertising.


Questions and answers.

With websites, there is usually more behind the scenes than what is visible up front. So that the site looks nice, but also complies with data protection regulations and performs well, you should calculate at least 2,000.00 EUR. The price is of course based on the number of subpages, whether texts or images are already available, and the complexity or functionality of the page.

Every company has very different needs and demands. Our services and thus the costs are as individual as your project.

Not necessarily. It depends on how you want to handle your website and domain. Usually, we host the site on our server and take care of maintenance, backups and updates. This service costs 49,- a month. However, you are free to move the site to your own server/hoster and take care of maintenance yourself!

Before you start working with us, we always advise you on your options and the realistic results that can be expected. This short initial consultation is always free of charge and serves to define the cornerstones of your project and then to formulate a tailor-made offer.

Feel free to use our contact form to send us initial information about your project. Alternatively, we can always talk on the phone: 0911/21086888. We are happy to hear from you!

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