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Skin doctor Joerg Zajitschek

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Dr. Zajitschek has been successfully running a private skin and vein practice in Nuremberg, central Franconia, since 2011. The individual care of his patients as well as the highest quality demands on his treatments and equipment distinguish him.

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In accordance with his requirements in his own practice, Dr. Zajitschek wanted a modernization of his existing website. The current one was functional, but optically no longer corresponded to the zeitgeist.
The risky undertaking was not redesigning the site, but maintaining its Google rankings. Before the relaunch, his website was already in first place for many of the relevant keywords was extremely well optimized for search engines. If we worked inaccurately, he would quickly lose some of his rankings, which in the medium term would also lead to a loss of traffic and, as a result, of patients.


Therefore, it was necessary to copy the page structure of the existing website and to implement all SEO-relevant aspects on the new page 1:1. We adopted the link structure, texts, alt and title tags of the images, meta descriptions. We developed the new design of the website around this SEO framework.

Today the site impresses with large pictures of the practice and a friendly, inviting look. Nonetheless, all of the informative content was retained. Thanks to the detailed implementation, Dr. Zajitschek maintained his rankings. Thanks to additional performance optimizations, we even expect an improvement and consolidation of the top positions in the medium term.

For niche topics for which his website is not yet search engine optimized, we are currently placing Google Ads.


Skin doctor Joerg Zajitschek
Skin doctor Joerg Zajitschek
Skin doctor Joerg Zajitschek

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