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Proeckl building envelopes

Über das Unternehmen

Proeckl GmbH is a family-run company in Arnstorf, Bavaria. As a full-range supplier for high-quality and durable building envelopes in industrial and commercial construction, Proeckl offers technical solutions from a single source in the roof and facade area.

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The long-established company had little presence on social media and was concerned about the sustainable acquisition of new trainees. Proeckl therefore needed a partner who could introduce and support the topic of online marketing in the company without using too many internal resources.


In order for Proeckl to stay up to date in the digital age, it was necessary to identify all relevant channels and platforms and to develop them sustainably.

In the first step, we created a kununu profile and asked Proeckl’s employees to rate their employer. The almost consistently positive evaluations given due to the excellent working atmosphere will from now on motivate potential trainees to apply. In addition, the platform offers employees an anonymous opportunity to express criticism and make suggestions for improvement. This enables Proeckl to continuously work on their employees’ satisfaction.

Since both, existing employees and potential trainees, should be reached, we decided to advertise Proeckl on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok from now on. That’s why the second step was a photo shoot on site to produce content for social media.

We now continuously create editorial calendars for Proeckl, coordinate postings together with the trainees on site, place advertisements for current job advertisements and monitor the company’s reputation online.


Proeckl building envelopes
Proeckl building envelopes
Proeckl building envelopes

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