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MKG doctor’s office Weißenburg

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The MKG doctor’s office Weißenburg / Donauwörth / Eichstätt with its three locations is in the hands of three doctors who offer the complete range of services in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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As with their treatments, the doctors also value professionalism and quality in their external appearance. The new website should above all be a visual benchmark for the industry. All necessary information and various downloads should be made available to patients – also in order to sustainably improve office management and accelerate processes.


Through jointly developed texts, a photo shoot on site and many feedback loops, we created an extensive website that meets all the requirements of the doctors and the team.
Thanks to large images and an airy design, the site remains clear and understandable despite a lot of information. The subtle integration of profiles and online reviews underlines patient satisfaction and creates trust.


MKG doctor’s office Weißenburg
MKG doctor’s office Weißenburg

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