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Job market site for personnel service provider

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Looking for a job in the district of Calw / Böblingen? Best with Wesley Consulting! Our customer is rethinking personnel recruitment and convinces with his friendly nature.

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The Wesley Consulting website should be useful for both applicants and companies. Desired functions were contact forms for applications, speculative applications and also for company inquiries. In addition, a video blog and a job market with detailed pages for each job advertisement should be created and then advertised on social media.


The development of the new website was preceded by an extensive design and conception round, in which the most important aspects and functions were packaged in an appealing layout. For the orientation of the user, an overview page including a map listing was created for the job exchange, on which current jobs can be found both in list and in map form. The filter system offers further help. The dynamically created job advertisements provide detailed information on the relevant position on sub-pages and can be saved as favorites or shared in social networks. Each job page contains a detailed description as well as an individual contact form. The site was implemented in such a way that the Wesley team can easily post, edit and delete job advertisements themselves. Advertisements can now be placed individually on each job page. This was implemented through a social media campaign that actively addresses people in the region and makes them aware of current job offers. All ads are updated weekly to ensure that only current and relevant jobs are advertised.


Job market site for personnel service provider
Job market site for personnel service provider
Job market site for personnel service provider
Job market site for personnel service provider

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