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avidere film agency

About the company

avidere is a renowned Berlin film production agency. The range of services includes everything from explanatory videos to image, recruiting and product films through to events.

At a glance


avidere’s website had to be fundamentally revised and corrected due to mistakes from earlier web partners. From now on, the site should be easy to manage and take over a considerable part of the customer acquisition.


The complete relocation of the avidere website to the WordPress Page Builder Elementor enables avidere edited quickly and easily from now on.

During the renovation, existing errors were eliminated and the performance of the site was improved. At the same time, we integrated the most relevant keywords during the construction and optimized the page for relevant keywords determined in a previous analysis such as “Explanatory video Berlin” or “Film agency Berlin”.

Six months after the relaunch of the website, avidere is now at the top of the first Google search results page. Due to the ongoing SEO support, we are now working together with the film agency to also take over first places for niche keywords.

On-page optimization is also supported by Facebook ads, which continuously generate clicks and inquiries via the website.


avidere film agency
avidere film agency
avidere film agency

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avidere film agency

Online marketing
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